Eddie's Story

My favorite aspect is seeing the desire in my students to do better for themselves and their family. When my students started English and computer classes, they were timid and shy. Today these students can comfortably utilize their English and computer skills.

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Rozlyn's Story

I want to be a part of Jubilee because our neighborhood is growing in a very good way for all residents ... There is so much to do in this neighborhood, and by talking to people, I became acquainted with Jubilee. And I said, "That's an organization I want to be a part of!"

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Sonia's Story

... being at Jubilee now makes me feel very useful. Since June, I have served over 400 volunteer hours working in the Jubilee kitchen and anywhere else I can help. I prepare meals for over 180 children and really enjoy knowing that I can make a difference. Even though my problems still exist, I now feel more at ease because I see that my children are happy.

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Juan's Story

When Juan first came to Jubilee Park, his first question was "What are we going to eat today?" Today, Juan's first question when he comes to Jubilee is, "What are we going to learn today?"

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Laurel's Story

"I could not contain my excitement about the growth in the neighborhood since my family first came to volunteer 4 years ago ... As this growth and enrichment continues, I knew that I wanted to become involved on a permanent basis."

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If there is a commitment to comprehensive public and private partnerships focusing on
education, public health, public safety, housing, and economic development...

Then Jubilee Park will be a thriving and sustaining, revitalized neighborhood with a high level of community ownership.


Jubilee Park becomes a thriving and self-sustaining community where people love to live.


An Approach That Works

In 1997, Jubilee Park & Community Center was formed with the mission to be a catalyst for community renewal and enrichment in the surrounding South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhood.  Our approach is a unique, comprehensive model for community revitalization.  We address each of the main factors which create vitality in a community:  education, public safety, public health, housing, and community ownership.