Host Committee

Our sincere thanks to the individuals and families who have committed to celebrate, love, and dream with Jubilee Park at its 20th Anniversary Gala on November 4, 2017!

Co-Chairs: Lydia and Bill Addy

Honorary Co-Chairs: Peggy and Mark Anschutz

Jennifer and John Alexander

Peggy and Mark Anschutz

Michele and Bob Axley

Don Baty

Christy Bednar

Doris and Nick Bonvino

Delilah and Sam Boyd

Stephanie and Bennie Bray

Marla and Tony Briggle

Adele Broughton

Ginger Brown

Pam Busbee

Susan and Vance Campbell

Peggy Carr

Margaret Cervin

Squeaky and Paul Connolly

Jorge Correa

Mason and Allen Custard

Matt Davies & Tommy Stockton

Valerie and Bob Dannals

Tiffany and Brad Davis

Beverly Dealey

Mary Adair & Dee Dockery

Monica and Joe Eastin

Pam and Jeff Ellerman

Nancy Selby Engle

Melissa and Trevor Fetter

Rebecca and Barron Fletcher

Nicole and Rev. Dr. Chris Girata

Kristi and Wallace Hall

Winnie and Davis Hamlin

Marilyn and Tom Harbison

Wendy Harris

Caroline and Nathan Hattemer

Ann and Lee Hobson

Elizabeth and Todd Howard

Bitsy and Matt Hudnall

Bea and Walt Humann

Anne and Bill Johnson

Melinda and Jim Johnson

Candace and Jim Krause

Mary Ann and Allen Lassiter

Jeanie and Rex Laube

Ben Leal & Cesar Reyna

Stacey and Ken Malcolmson

Maria and David Martin

Debra and Wil McCall

Adam Medrano

Barbara and Cliff Miercort

Tricia and Bill Miller

Marianne and Brian Minnehan

Phoebe and Carl Moore

Jennifer and Jon Mosle

Kathy Jane Murphy

Ellen and Robert Muth

Rachel Goldberger & Shawn Orme

Christine and Warren Paddock

Karen and Bill Pardoe

Katherine and Bob Penn

Jeanne Phillips

Toni and T. Boone Pickens

Gigi and Jerry Poglitsch

Karen and Richard Pollock

Pat and Claude Prestidge

Mary Stewart and Jim Ramsey

Gay and Randy Rekerdres

Jeff and Darrel Rice

Mary Elizabeth and Grady Schleier

Ken Schnitzer

Sally and Chris Schupp

Elizabeth and John Selzer

Arden Showalter

Nancy and Jim Skochdopole

Jeanne and J.C. Snead

Sharon and Will Snyder

Margaret and Jaime Spellings

Right Rev. George R. Sumner

Carolyn and Rev. Steve Swann

Patti Flowers & Tom Swiley

Michelle and Stewart Thomas

Gregory Dunbar & Terry Van Willson

Natalia and Artoush Varshosaz

Tish and Matthew Visinsky

Cici and Giffen Weinmann

Terri Sue and Jack Wensinger

Kay and Leo Whelan

Jaime and Patrick White

Chandler and Jeff Winslow

Kate and Michael Wisniewski

Sheryl and Phil Wylie