Young Friends of Jubilee

Host Committee

Jubilee Park & Community Center is the product of generations of love, and we want every generation of supporters to celebrate and dream together.  From young adults who volunteered at Jubilee as young children to the young professionals who will shape Jubilee's future, we salute the next generation as Jubilee enters its next 20 years.

Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Hoffman and Paige Zapffe

Peter Addy

Aline Bass

Trey Bonvino

Catherine Branch

Sarah Branch

Luke Brugger

John Callahan

Shelly Cassel

Ross Crawford

Calee Dillon

Hillary Dunklin

Jeffrey Eichenholz

Scott Ellerman

Sarah and Dean Galaro

Will Golden

Everest Goldstein

Schuyler Grey

Alex and Ford Halbardier

Avery Hall

Maggie Hood

René Jaubert

Bobby Koudelka

Dash Krause

Joe Loftus

Patrick McGee

William McGee

Teddy Mead

Diane Metcalf-Leggette

Matthew Miller

Rosemary Miller

Taylor Miller

Tanner Montgomery

Kate Mosle

Betsy Mosquera

Matt Murphy

Michelle Navarre

Brad Neunuebel

Tracy Nilmeier

Margaret Patterson

Mary Patterson

Ryan Petty

Margaret Phillips

Daniel Plumlee

Casey Quinn

Gaby and Gunnar Rawlings

Jud Riley

Ashlee Seigler

Jade Shank

Ellie Skochdopole

Kate Skochdopole

Connor Theilmann

Connor Thomas

Julia Thompson

Grace Wilson

Hayden Wolf

William Wolfe

Jordan Young