Jubilee works to ensure that its neighbors have access and information to rent or own safe, quality housing.

Collaborating with community members, funders, and non-profit partners, Jubilee works to build affordable new housing, repair existing homes, and educate neighbors about home ownership and housing topics.

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Jubilee Park and Community Center serves as an advocate for residents and a facilitator of community-led initiatives for home improvement. These efforts have included the construction of new housing, repair of owner-occupied homes, homebuyer education, property tax workshops, and more. Since the launch of the Affordable Housing Initiative, home ownership in the community has increased by 48%.


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Stories from the community

When Jubilee Park started our foray into developing affordable homes, the first people who stepped in to help us were The Real Estate Council (TREC). As a group of real estate professionals, TREC volunteers donate time and expertise into making a project vision become a reality. This special combination of financial support and sweat equity binds TREC members to their community and each other in a unique way – creating a powerful force for positive change. Since 2012, TREC has donated more than $130,000 and hundreds of hours of volunteer effort to help Jubilee realize its vision of affordable homes in this community. TREC works with Jubilee to identify and purchase lots, provides expertise during the construction process and celebrates the success by spreading the word about Jubilee Park. To date, TREC has been involved in building Jubilee’s 24-unit senior living complex (Gurley Place) and 9 affordable LEED Silver-certified homes on Ann Avenue.
Prior to 2016, the Hernandez family of four lived in a one bedroom, one bath apartment, paying $950 monthly. This home had mold, no central air or heat and was in a constant state of disrepair. As potential homebuyers, they attended classes at the Jubilee Center both before and after their purchase. These classes taught them the skills one should have when purchasing a home including budgeting, paying utilities, watering the foundation and the importance of maintaining good credit. In May 2015, they moved into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a yard and attached garage. Their home is LEED Silver certified, which saves them about $1,000 in utilities a year. Now they pay $717 monthly for their mortgage and have gained equity due to subsidies from funders.