About the Specialized Student Support (S3) Program

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With nationally recognized afterschool and summer programs, Jubilee represents a model for renewed hope in the face of adversity.  The next chapter in Jubilee’s story will leverage these award-winning programs to meet a new challenge: specialized student support for children with special learning needs. 

The need for these services is greater than ever: one in seven school-age children is diagnosed with a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder, with more than 140 children identified in Jubilee’s top three feeder schools. Low-income and minority students have higher rates of learning difference diagnosis, yet the schools that serve these students often lack specialized staff, teaching tools, or parent education. 

Breaking new ground in education...

Jubilee’s 20th Anniversary will help to launch a Specialized Student Support (S3) Program—a unique program that will serve students with special learning needs.  With a little help from us, these students will have the resources to learn, grow, and excel in Jubilee’s high-quality afterschool and summer programs.

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, Jubilee hosted its first-ever gala on November 4th to highlight the neighborhood’s accomplishments and to launch a Specialized Student Support (S3) Program.  The S3 Program will combine teacher training, adaptive technology, specialized curriculum, and parent empowerment to make high-quality education accessible for more families.  The gala raised more than $1.4 million to fund the first decade of the program, building a model for other organizations across the country.

Paving a better path...

Many of us understand from direct experience that special learning needs do not define a person or limit their potential.  Jubilee's 20th Anniversary will help more children discover their strengths, pursue their dreams, and face their challenges with the support of trusted teachers and parents. 

With a little help from us, students with special learning needs will have the resources to learn, grow, and excel alongside their friends, siblings and neighbors in one of North Texas’ best programs. We hope you will make the most of this exciting, one-time opportunity to celebrate, love and dream with Jubilee.