Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for choosing the Jubilee sports program.

The purpose of Jubilee is to improve lives and create stronger communities; we believe a sports program is the key to reaching our goal.  We are excited to offer a sports program that prepares participants to be part of our Jubilee league and other leagues.

Our sports program is FREE and we provide referees for games and volunteer coaches with training to ensure a safe environment in which to train our athletes.

Age requirement: Students who can participate are those who are four years of age or older and have completed the required paperwork.  Any student Pre-K through Sixth grade can participate.

The athletic program lasts all year and offers soccer and basketball.

Registration process:

  • Students living within the 62-blocks from Jubilee have priority.

  • Students will be registered when all paperwork is completed.

  • The parent or guardian of the participant must attend a sports orientation the first day of practice.

Thank you for choosing Jubilee Park and Community Center!  Please contact us with questions or comments.

Chris Ramos

Sports Coordinator, YMCA Dallas