Jubilee Park and Community Center is committed to place-based community wellness.

Jubilee offers resources and education to our children and families to help them eat nutritiously, get proper exercise, access care, and build their own healthy lifestyles.

Because the Jubilee Park area is designated by the USDA as a “food desert”, residents may have little or no access to large grocery stores offering fresh and affordable foods. Jubilee takes a hands-on approach to this struggle with programs that provide free, healthy meals each week for children and seniors.

Physical activity and play are vital to helping children learn how to interact with peers, relieve stress and cope with their surroundings. The Park at Jubilee acts as the heart of the neighborhood and provides a safe place to run, play and connect with others in the community. Jubilee Park also offers a variety of adult exercise programs as well as nutrition and health education opportunities.

  • Free meals daily for children in the Out-of-School Time Programs

  • Free meals twice weekly for senior citizens

  • free Youth athletic programs

  • free Adult Zumba and aerobics classes

  • Community garden

  • Nutrition education programs on cooking, gardening and healthy eating

  • Health education programs on diabetes, heart disease, and other topics

  • free mental health services

To make an appointment for counseling or to learn about other mental health services provided by Jubilee Park's on-site counselors, please call 214.887.1364.

Meals Served
The Park at Jubilee Daily
The Park at Jubilee Weekends

Stories from the community

When landscape architect Bill Pardoe retired, he needed a new project to fill his days. Having previously tutored children in reading and math at O.M. Roberts Elementary School in Jubilee Park, he was familiar with the challenges and opportunities available at Jubilee. And so, Bill found his “second career” as a volunteer.

Affectionately known as “The Park Czar”, Bill funded and oversaw the creation of a master plan for the three-acre park in order to create a safe, healthy place where the children of the neighborhood can spend their time. As a result of this plan, Jubilee was able to secure the $500,000 soccer field, donated by the FC Dallas Foundation and the United Arab Emirates Embassy. The Dallas Mavericks Foundation and the Trevor Rees Jones Foundation donated the new, regulation-sized basketball court and Bill personally oversaw the construction and installation of the new “smart” playground, which includes three areas of play designated for different ages. Bill has planted trees, worked with contractors, built fences and put up soccer nets. The park is beautiful, safe and so much fun. Of course, “The Park Czar” would not have it any other way.
In 2012, First Lady Michelle Obama brought her mission “Get Moving” to North Texas. The goal of the “Get Moving” program is to reduce childhood obesity by encouraging children to exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables. Because we focus on public health, particularly for children, Jubilee was contacted by the White House and asked to identify a local parent who was working to change eating habits in their home and community. Jubilee resident, Diane Foster, and her daughter, Destiny, were among eight families invited to a round-table dinner with the First Lady to participate in a discussion about healthy eating and exercise activities.

Nationwide, nearly one-third of children are overweight. This problem is particularly evident in low-income areas, such as Jubilee Park, where access to healthy foods can be limited. Jubilee takes a multi-pronged approach to the issue of childhood obesity by providing healthy meals, nutrition education and a monthly farm-stand, which offers low cost fruits and vegetables to the community.

We are so proud to have members of the Jubilee community recognized for their contributions to improving children’s nutrition. For Ms. Foster, dinner with the First Lady was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “We are just so blessed to have had this chance. I can’t express how much it meant to me to have my daughter meet such an amazing role model in person.”