What to Give

Joining the Jubilee Legacy Society

When you build your legacy through The Jubilee Legacy Society, you honor your life's accomplishments while helping others to build a better life of their own.  There are many, many ways to do this, each with specific benefits. 

Below are just a few examples.  Please feel free to contact Jubilee with any questions, and remember to discuss any decisions about your estate plan with a certified professional.

Types of Gifts

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  • Bequests by Will, Endowments, & Gifts of Cash
    • A specific amount of money or percentage of your estate can be left to Jubilee Park.
    • A bank account can be bequeathed to Jubilee Park as designated to your financial institution.
    • Securities, Assets & Real Estate:
      • Property, homes, vehicles, and land
      • Retirement assets, such as an IRA, 401k, 403b, pension, or other tax-deferred plan
      • Appreciated stock or bonds
      • Annuities, Foundations & Trusts
        • Charitable Gift Annuities through your legacy fund
        • Distributions from a donor-advised fund
        • Charitable Lead Trusts
        • Charitable Remainder Trusts
        • Life Insurance Benefits
          • You may designate Jubilee Park as a whole or partial beneficiary of your current life insurance policy/policies.
          • A life insurance policy no longer in use can be donated in its entirety to Jubilee Park.