Member Stories

from the Jubilee Legacy Society

Members of the Jubilee Legacy Society are forward-thinking donors who have included Jubilee Park in their estate plan or will.  Read below to learn why they chose to remember Jubilee in their legacy, and click here to explore how Jubilee can fit into your future.


Sheryl & Thomas

We think of Jubilee as a special place where two separate parts of Dallas have come together to build a common dream; by being part of the Jubilee Legacy Society, we know that dream will live on.  Jubilee Park is full of life, which is exactly how we want to be remembered.  



I chose to include Jubilee Park in my estate plan because it’s part of my family.  My children have been involved, and now my grandkids are getting involved.  We’ve put a lot of time, thought, energy, and love into Jubilee and I see it as part of my family legacy.  


Beulah & Roy

Beulah and Roy are members of the Jubilee Legacy Society because they see Jubilee as an investment.  They’ve worked as volunteers and leaders at Jubilee Park to ensure that the neighborhood is ripe with potential, and they want to ensure that the future of Jubilee Park lives up to that potential.

"While we can’t know what the future holds, we know that it’s up to us to serve as guides for future generations.  Our gift to Jubilee is a vote for continued growth, hope, and community in Dallas."

-- Emily and Frank

"As we encourage our family to engage in philanthropy—to give of their time and treasure to benefit others—we hope they will feel as committed to a cause as we feel to Jubilee Park.  Our estate plan is a way to model sophisticated philanthropy for our family while giving shape to our legacy."  

-- Bob and Randy